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Planning & Development

Welcome to the Planning and Development Office

The Planning and Development department manages all aspects related to land use planning and building for the community.

Planning Services is responsible for the preparation of current and long-range planning documents and applications. This includes long range planning and forecasting, receiving subdivision applications, formulating land use plans and conducting public consultation on proposed land use changes. This department is also responsible for corporate mapping functions.

Development Services manages building permits, development agreements, the Municipal Planning Commission and offsite levies.

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board considers appeals of development and subdivision decisions within the Town of Raymond. This Board considers applicable statutory plans, the Land Use Bylaw and/or general municipal policies when rendering decisions on appeals.

The Municipal Planning Commission considers applications for development permits within the Town of Raymoind and considers purpose, intent, and scope as outlined in the Land Use Bylaw adopted by Council. They also review and advise Council on other matters such as subdivision applications and statutory plans.

If you have any questions regarding the development process in Raymond, please contact the following at your convenience.

Mark Boltezar

Mark Boltezar

Development Officer

P: 403-752-3322 ext. 1010
E: markboltezar@raymond.ca

Land Sales

Click the link below to view the Municipal Land Sales Page

Building & Development

Building permits are required by the Safety Codes Act of the Province of Alberta. This legislation sets the minimum standards for construction and building safety for the province.

Building Permits Are Required For: 

  1. The erection or construction of any building, including modular homes;
  2. The demolition, alteration or addition to any building, including decks with elevation of more than (24 inches) 600 mm above grade;
  3. The change of use of any building (example, retail to restaurant);
  4. The installation of mechanical equipment, wood stoves, space heaters or fireplaces;
  5. Swimming pools and hot tubs with a depth of more than (24 inches) 600 mm;
  6. Retaining walls with a height more than (36 inches) 900 mm.

For more information on the building permit process, please see the following:

For your convenience, we have created a packet containing all the pertinent information and forms required for some of the most common types of development. Please see below:

To download a copy of the individual required Development forms, please see the following (note if you have downloaded a packet, the applicable forms are included already):

Town of Raymond Grade Compliance Incentive Policy:

For new home builds, some homebuilders may be eligible for the Town of Raymond Grade Compliance Incentive Policy. The following outlines the details of the incentive program. If you have any questions on the following policy, you may contact the Town of Raymond Development Officer for further clarification.

Municipal Planning Commission

The mandate of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is to advise and decide on land use, planning, development and subdivision issues. They act as the principal advisory committee of Town Council for planning matters. Members of the Municipal Planning Commission consist of all members of Town Council.

Agendas and Minutes for the Municipal Planning Commission are available for the current year. If you would like to view Agendas and Minutes prior to 2018, please contact the Development Office at your convenience at 403-752-3322 ext. 1010.

Community Development Officer Mark Boltezar, markboltezar@raymond.ca 

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board?

When an appeal has been filed with the Chinook Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Secretary, a hearing shall be scheduled and advertised to the public for the date and time.

The purpose of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is to hear appeals regarding decisions made by the Development Officer, Subdivision Authority, or the Municipal Planning Commission on development or subdivision applications.

What can be appealed?

The decision or order of the Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission regarding development applications and subdivision applications. The applicant or any person affected by a decision, development permit or order issued by the Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission.

Who can appeal a development?

The applicant or any person affected by a decision, development permit or order issued by the Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission.

Who can appeal a subdivision?

The applicant as well as immediate adjacent property owners.

How to appeal?

A letter stating the reason for the appeal must be filed with the Subdivision & Appeal Board Secretary within fourteen days after receipt of the written decision of the subdivision authority.

What happens when an appeal is filed?

The Board Secretary will arrange for a hearing, sending out a written notice of the hearing to the applicant, the appellant(s), as well as those within 60 meters of the site.

When is a Board Decision available?

The Board issues their decision in writing within 15 days after the hearing.

Is the Board Decision appealable?

No. The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board is the final approving authority on development and subdivision appeals within the Town of Raymond.

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw is the central planning document for a municipality. Commencing at the point that a Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plan and Area Redevelopment Plan leave off, the Land Use Bylaw provides a detailed blueprint for future development that reflects those plans and by which property owners are governed in making land use decisions.

That blueprint describes and details the uses that may be undertaken on each parcel of land in a municipality and the standards that must be followed in undertaking the uses and erecting structures. It also provides for the decisions made in respect of each parcel in a municipality and ensures that they are consistent with the rules that it prescribes.

Please click on the links below to download the current Land Use Bylaw and Zoning Map.
Land Use Bylaw 987-11
Land Use Bylaw 987-11, Zoning Map

Area Structure Plans

The purpose of an area structure plan is to establish a comprehensive land use plan for the described area, which will provide for the subsequent orderly subdivision and development of land.

All development to be undertaken in any area within the Town of Raymond must comply with the specific Area Structure Plan (if available), along with the Land Use Bylaw #987-11 and Zoning Map as well as the Raymond Municipal Development Plan.

Any questions about any of these documents and their implication on your development plans please contact Mark Boltezar at the the Town Office – 403-752-3322.

StoneGate Meadows Area Structure Plan
The document can be viewed here.

Bridge Crossing Area Structure Plan
The document can be viewed here.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Mark Boltezar at 403-752-3322 ex. 1010 or at markboltezar@raymond.ca

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan provides a framework which helps Council and Administration guide the Town of Raymond along a path of responsible and sustainable growth. These plans are developed in consultation with Council, Administration, Oldman River Regional Services Commission and community input.

Please click on the pdf links below to access these documents:
Raymond MDP Bylaw 958-09 July 2009.pdf
Raymond MDP Public Consultation Process.pdf

Intermunicipal Development Plans

An Intermunicipal Development Plan recognizes that the fringe area of an urban area is subject to different problems and opportunities than a strictly urban or rural area. It has become increasingly clear that municipalities cannot continue to make land use decisions in isolation.

Municipalities are encouraged to undertake the preparation of an inter-municipal plan in order to help avoid future land use conflicts. This is consistent with the current trend to employ such cooperative measures in many activities and is part of the Provincial Land Use Policies.

The Town and the County first passed an Intermunicipal Development Plan in 2013 and recently updated it in 2020.

Intermunicipal Development Plan.pdf

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