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Bylaw 999-12, Noise Bylaw Updates:

Hello Residents of Raymond! Bylaw 999-12, a Noise Bylaw passed its second and final readings at the Town of Raymond Council Meeting on July 16, 2019. This updated Noise Bylaw creates clarity around the roles of Peace Officers, fines and regulations.

This outline is meant to give an overview of Bylaw 999-12, and residents are encouraged to review the Bylaw in its entirety.

The noise which the Bylaw is referring to is loud, unnecessary and unusual noise or any noise which annoys, disturbs, injures, endangers or distracts from the comport, repose, healthy, peace or safety of other persons within the limits of the Town of Raymond.

A prominent amendment in this Bylaw, which defers from the previous Noise Bylaw, is that it outlines the powers and duties of Peace Officers. If you would like to file a noise complaint you can do so by contacting the Peace Officers directly at 403-715-8513. This number will connect you to the Peace Officer on duty. Once the officer receives the complaint, they will be able to investigate, direct any person who is making the noise to stop, and issue violation tickets to those who are not complying with the bylaw.

If you do receive a ticket for a noise complaint there will be a tiered fee structure. The structure is as follows:

  1. For a first offence, a minimum fine of $100.00;
    1. For a second offence (within 12 months of a first offence), a minimum fine of $300.00; and
    1. for any subsequent offences (within 12 months of a previous offence), a minimum fine of $500.00.

*For more information on the fee structure and fines please refer to sections 10 and 11 Bylaw 999-12.

The Bylaw covers noises such as:

  • Motor vehicle noises (all provisions are in line with the Traffic Safety Act and Regulations)
  • Noise in a Hospital Zone: this zone encompasses an area of town within 150m of a hospital.
  • Ice Cream Trucks: no rings or bells for ice cream before 8am or after 10pm on weekdays, and before 9am-10pm where the next day is a Sunday or Holiday. Very important for those hot summer days!
  • Domestic noises: this is in regards to utilizing tools like your lawnmower or snow remover (quiet shoveling is A-OKAY!) before 6am or after 10pm on weekdays and before 8am or after 10pm where the next day is a Sunday or Holiday. Still mow our lawns, but we can let our neighbours sleep in a bit.
  • Animals: barking and howling that disturbs our neighbours is considered an offense under this bylaw.

Thank to everyone for your cooperation! Please refer to Bylaw 999-12, Noise Bylaw here for a complete list of regulations. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office at 403-752-3322.