403-752-3322 contact@raymond.ca

The TOWN OF RAYMOND, in the Province of Alberta, hereby gives notice of its intention to annex approximately ±7.6 hectares (±18.7 acres) of land within NW¼ 9-6-20-W4M, as indicated by the shaded area depicted. The subject parcel is currently under jurisdiction of the County of Warner No. 5, whom the Town is negotiating with in good faith.

In support of the proposed annexation, the Town of Raymond has scheduled an Open House for:

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

7 pm to 9 pm 

In the Council Chambers at the Town Office, located at 210N 200W, Raymond, AB.

The Open House will be organized as an informal drop-in event with poster display boards. The purpose of the event is to provide the public with information about the proposal, along with an opportunity to submit comments.

For information concerning the annexation process please contact Kurtis Pratt, Chief Administrative Officer at 403-752-3322 of by email at kurtispratt@raymond.ca or Mark Boltezar, Development Officer, at 403-752-3322 or by email at markboltezar@raymond.ca.


DATED at the Town of Raymond in the Province of Alberta this 2st day of August, 2023.