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AB Environment and Parks have instituted a Lead Sampling Program to monitor lead levels in drinking water in private homes. As per the program, the Town is required to test 40 homes built before 1975 this year within our community. Participating homeowners will receive a free, 5-minute water test that will be conducted by a Ridge Water Services Commission employee on behalf of the Town, within your home, when COVID restrictions allow between now and October 1, 2021.

You will be notified if lead is found within your drinking water. If lead is found within your drinking water, you are not obligated to incur any personal costs to remedy the situation at this time but can plan to replace your internal plumbing when your personal finances allow.

To register for this program, please contact the Office at 403-752-3322 ext. 1009 or faithlyons@raymond.ca.

For more information, click here to download our 2021 Lease Sampling FAQ.