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On February 11, Council invited Town residents to join a historic conversation on whether to amend the Town’s Land Use Bylaw to permit licensed restaurants in Raymond.

Next week, Council will hold the second of two (2) public engagement events to address this issue in person.

During this event, members of Council will not only take turns addressing some of the facts surrounding this issue, but also, answer some of the more common questions that have thus far been submitted by Town residents on the Town’s online public engagement platform, Let’s Talk Raymond.

As seating at this event will be limited, please plan to arrive early. Alternatively, you can tune in to watch it live on YouTube by clicking here.  

The event will take place at the Raymond Senior’s Centre and will begin at 7:00pm.

Finally, please remember that Let’s Talk Raymond is the only public engagement platform that Council is using to help with the decision making process. As a result, if you would like Council know how you feel about this issue and have not already done so, please join Let’s Talk Raymond and click on “Licensed Restaurants” to share your thoughts.