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On May 21st, Council took a significant step toward establishing a Municipal Registry of Historic Places when it passed first-reading of Bylaw 1077-19, Town Hall (Museum) Designation Bylaw. After the bylaw passes all readings, and the bylaw is registered on title, Raymond will have its first municipally registered historic place. Nice!

The bylaw informs administration, and our historic resources committee, of the controls on the property and how to advise on any future development permits. The purpose of designation is to protect historical resources from demolition or alteration and subsequent loss of character or value — the bylaw will help maintain the historic integrity of the property.

In addition to conserving our unique history, the historical designation provides a sense of pride of ownership and public recognition. There may also be marketing potential for commercial purposes and possible enhanced economic value of the property. Once on the Alberta Register of Municipal Historic Resources, the opportunity exists for access to technical advice and to approach the Province for grant funding. As the town owns this building, we feel designation is a great opportunity to help us maintain the historical value and character of this wonderful building.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback on the bylaw or the historic designation process. The bylaw is included for your review. Call 403 752 3322 (Ext. 1007), or email Abe abetinney@raymond.ca.