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In recent months, Town Council has considered arguments for and against amending the Town’s Land Use Bylaw to permit full-service restaurants – but ONLY full-service restaurants – to apply for “Class A – Minors Allowed” liquor licenses (liquor licenses for establishments where “food is the primary source of business”).

Given that Raymond has been a dry community for over 100 years, Council understands the importance of reaching out to Town residents for their input on this issue. This input is vitally important.

To play a constructive role in the decision-making process, please join the Town’s online public engagement platform “Let’s Talk Raymond” to participate in a 7-week long public consultation project titled “Licensed Restaurants”.

Once registered, you’ll be able to review important background information, share your thoughts, and eventually take a brief community input survey that will become available on March 24 and remain open until April 7. You’ll also be encouraged to attend or watch two public engagement events that will take place on the evenings of March 9 and March 23, respectively, at the Raymond Senior’s Centre (more details to come).

Please be advised that Let’s Talk Raymond is the only online public engagement platform that Council will be using to help it with the decision-making process. Written letters may be sent to the Town Office; emails may be sent to Council at kurtispratt@raymond.ca.

Finally, as people from all walks of life are proud to call Raymond home, we ask that Town residents remain respectful in their dialogue throughout this process.

To get started and be a part of this historic discussion, click here: