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The Town has been working with AB Environment to have our Corner Lake Reservoir be added as a new stocking site for Rainbow Trout. Corner Lake is located on the southeast corner of Town, beside Perrett Park Campground. Fishing is not only a great, outdoor, COVID-friendly activity, but it also has tremendous economic potential for our local business community.

Council is pleased to announce that sometime on Monday, April 19, AB Environment Fisheries will be stocking Corner Lake with 5,000 (20 cm) Rainbow Trout and another 50 (>26cm), Rainbow Trout, in late May. In September, another 7,000 to 10,000 (20 cm) Rainbow Trout will be added to the pond as it is expected to overwinter fish well.

We would like to track how many large (20+ cm) pike are pulled out of the lake. If you do catch a large pike, please email the Town at contact@raymond.ca and let us know how many pike you pulled out and their approximate size.