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During the January 21st, 2020 Council meeting, Council amended Bylaw #968-10 which prevents property owners from parking on any portion of the boulevard which is not directly in line with their driveway. Those who have already developed off-street parking spaces in addition to their driveway are requested to fill out a form (Bylaw #968-10 Appendix B) and if done before April 1, 2020, would be exempt from the $50 fee.

On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, Council extended the deadline until April 30, 2020. Those who have already come in and paid will be reimbursed their $50 application fee. Those who have not yet filled out the form and currently use the boulevard for off-street parking and who:

1) have not already come in to fill out the form, and
2) are on the list of identified properties who have improved their boulevard before the date of the bylaws passing

are eligible for the waived fee.

All new applications will be required to pay the $50 fee, fill out Appendix B and receive approval to do so before construction begins.

If you have any further questions, please contact either Abe Tinney, Legislative Services Director or Mark Boltezar, Development Officer for the Town at your convenience.