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The community engagement committee is looking for three members of the public to sit on the committee for a term of two years. This standing committee of council meets 8-10 times a year. The committee has the mandate to review town policies and bylaws, public participation best-practices and manuals, and to report to Council with recommendations to increase citizen engagement and transparency in government decision making . If you would like more information on the committee, please review the committee bylaw (1103-21), or call Abe Tinney at the town office 403-752-3322 (Ext. 1007).

If you are interested in applying, download the application form and submit the completed application to Abe Tinney, either at the town office (210N 200W) or via email abetinney@raymond.ca. Please note that if we receive more applications than available positions, we will need to have a selection process. Town administrators and members of council assigned to the committee will review the applications to determine the successful candidate. A couple guiding principles for the process include:

-in cases where there are more applicants than vacancies, and applicants are similarly qualified, preference will be given to candidates who do not already serve on a town committee
-inclusivity – people should not be excluded due to lack of experience or knowledge. Willingness or desire to contribute to town committees and activities will be highly valued in recruitment process

We will be accepting applications until June 21st, or until we fill the vacancies. Thanks for your interest!