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With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, lawn care season is upon us! According to Bylaw 1034-17 (Dangerous and Unsightly Property), grass and weeds should be no longer than 20 cm (76cm for properties with a current animal permit). If your property has grass or weeds that exceed these lengths, it could be deemed “Unsightly” and you may receive a fine. Other unsightly conditions are:

-the presence of trees, shrubs or other vegetation in such a manner that they interfere with the use of or obstruct visibility of street signage, sidewalks, roadway clearance, municipal works or public utilities

-the presence of a derelict or unregistered vehicle, unless enclosed in a building or in a back yard. A maximum of two derelict and/or unregistered vehicles may be in a back yard

-the storage or accumulation of garbage, litter, refuse (including but not limited to building materials, tires, boxes, scrap material), equipment, dilapidated furniture or appliances, machinery, machinery parts or other similar materials or items

If you have any questions about this bylaw, please contact town administration (403) 752 3322 (ext. 1007) or the peace officers (587) 813-0791. Thank-you in advance for following the provisions of the bylaw and keeping our community clean and tidy!