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COVID has caused tremendous economic stress & uncertainty for our local businesses. Studio8 has approached the Town about moving VSP Fitness to their studio and Council agreed after a Closed Session discussion during Tuesday, March 16 Council meeting to accommodate their request. Studio8 is purchasing the equipment from the Town and we have the first right to purchase it back at its depreciated value in the future if required. Having a functioning fitness facility within the community is a priority for the Town, but our first priority is to support (as much as possible) our existing local entrepreneurs in their business ventures. We encourage all current users and all prospective new users to check out what Studio8 has in store and to continue to support them in this transition. #skipthetrip

Studio8 plans to complete the move before April 1st, but the exact date is still being scheduled. They are trying to make the actual move as quickly as possible to avoid downtime and will give as much notice as they can before they make any major changes.

The Town is in the process of planning new uses for the former VSP Fitness space and will make further announcements as we have more information to share. The principle values guiding our decision-making process are to ensure we are providing new services, and that there is a business case to support them without the need for tax-payer support.

If you have any questions, please contact Kurtis Pratt, CAO at 403-752-3322 ext. 1002 or kurtispratt@raymond.ca.