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Raymond Wellness Coalition

Council Committees

Below you will find information on some of our internal committees of council. These committees are comprised council and members of the public, and they are charged with advising Council as well as carrying out work on behalf of Council in many priority areas. 

Achievement Committee

The Achievement Committee has compiled a list of Raymond Athletes who have gone on to the next level of their sport. Please click here to view the list, and click here to view the criteria that guided the committee through the selection process.

The committee is releasing the list to the public to ensure we have not missed anyone. We encourage the public to review the list, and contact us to nominate yourself or someone you know to be recognized. We kindly request that you complete the nomination form and return to contact@raymond.ca.



Committee Members

-Jim Depew (Council)

-Tim Tollestrup (Public)

-Robin Fairbanks (Public)

-Jim Steed (Public)

-Derrick Hoare (Public)

-Darcy Ralph (Public)

-Warren Depew (Public)

-Megan James (Public)

Administrative Contact



Community Engagement Committee

The community engagement committee is an ad-hoc committee (1-yr term) of council. The committee’s mandate is to research best practices and develop policy options that will create opportunities for residents to become more engaged with the town. Specifically, the group will:

-Evaluate government decision making and recommend appropriate levels of community involvement 

-Enhance transparency

-Grow engagement in local government


Meeting Schedule

The committee meets the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00pm in Council Chambers. 

Committee Members

-Stewart Foss (Council)

-Ken Heggie (Council)

-Stacey Horlings (Public)

-Rae Hamon (Public)

-Dave Reeve (Public)

-Tony Wilson (Public)

Administrative Contact

Abe Tinney


(403) 752 3322 (ext. 1007)


Historic Resources Committee

Originally established as an ad hoc committee of council in 2012, the Historic Resources Committee has captured much of Raymond’s history in two important historical documents — The Historic Context Paper, and The Historic Resources Inventory. The committee is now a permanent Council committee and is charged with overseeing the municipal heritage program. The committee’s mandate is to:

 -maintain the Town’s Historic Resources Inventory (] adding new resources to the inventory, and moving resources from the Inventory to the Municipal Registry of Historic Places)

-establish and maintain the Municipal Registry

-oversee initiatives and programs that foster understanding, appreciation and preservation of Raymond’s historic places

Meeting Schedule

The committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm in the Raymond administration building. The public is always welcome. 

Committee Members

-Stewart Foss (Council Member, Chair)

-Kelly Joy (Vice Chair)

-Jack Stone (Public)

-Richard Kiddle (Public)

-Ross Jensen (Public)

-Kipp Boehme (Public)

-Keith Hancock (Public)

Administrative Contact

Abe Tinney


403 752 3322 (ext. 1007)


Tourism and Economic Development

This committee meets monthly to oversee economic development and tourism related issues in Raymond. The committee specifically oversees:

– the development of business, industry, tourism, and hosts  potential developers, advertises and speaks to groups as required to promote economic development.

Meeting Schedule

The committee generally meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9:00am in Raymond Council Chambers. Please check the town calendar as the schedule is subject to change. The public is always welcome. 

Committee Members

-Stewart Foss (Council, Chair)

-Joan Harker (Council)

-Kelly Jensen (Public)

-Matt Baines (Public)

-Pam Stewart (Chamber)

-Sheva Boire (Public)

-Rhonda Steed (Public)

Administrative Contact

Greg Robinson


403 752 3322 (ext. 1001)

Raymond Wellness Coalition

Barons Eureka Warner FCSS secured a grant for this initiative and Town Council approved Councillor Harker and Town administration to assist the group. The Alberta Healthy Communities Initiative nurtures the strengths of a community to enhance the quality of life of residents by creating healthier environments through innovation and collaboration. The group has completed a Community Profile and an Asset Map.  These tools can be used to understand the resources (groups, facilities, demographics) that exist in our community.

The community meets monthly to discuss health and wellness related issues in Raymond. Feel free to contact administration if you would like to attend or if you have ideas about how to make Raymond a healthier community.

Meeting Schedule

The committee generally meets the 1st  Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am in Raymond Council Chambers, or via Zoom link. The public is always welcome.

Committee Members

-Myrna Sopal (FCSS, Chair)

-Joan Harker (Council)

-Faye Geddes (Library)

-Karen Wilde (Town of Raymond)

-Zakk Morrison (BEW FCSS)

-Abe Tinney (Town of Raymond)

Administrative Contact

Abe Tinney


403 752 3322 (ext. 1007)

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