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REQUEST: Please be advised that due to the heavy rains we have experienced over the last few days, we are experiencing a high flow of wastewater at our sewer lift stations. We are asking that residents help us manage the amount of waste water we are receiving by avoiding for the time being, unnecessary laundry, dishes, long showers or bathing etc. until further notice. We will continue to post updates until the system has had a chance to catch up. We appreciate everyone’s willingness to cooperate.

INFORMATION: Many homes have sump pumps installed that have been tied into our wastewater system and with the large amount of rainwater we have received, our lines are running the risk of surcharging. If the line is close to surcharging, there is a possibility that:

1) If you have a backflow preventer in your home, it will remain closed and your own wastewater may not leave your pipes and may surcharge back into your home.


2) If you do not have a backflow preventer in your home, wastewater from the mains may enter into your home.