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Bylaw Review- Nov. 6, 2018

Date Posted: Nov 08, 2018

Bylaws that received First Reading November 6, 2018

The following 3 bylaws received first reading at council meeting, November 6, 2018. We welcome feedback for all three of these bylaws. If you have any comments please contact Abe Tinney at or call 403-752-3322. 

Bylaw 1034-17 – Dangerous and Unsightly Property (Amendment)

Council passed first reading of the amended Dangerous and Unsightly Property Bylaw. Proposed changes to the bylaw include a definition for ‘derelict vehicle’, and Section 3.2c, d, which provide new guidelines for the storage of derelict vehicles and unregistered operable vehicles.

Read the full bylaw: Bylaw 1034-17- Dangerous and Unsightly Property 

Bylaw 1053-18 – Historic Resources Committee

Council passed first reading of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) Bylaw, which will establish the HRC as a standing committee of council. The bylaw also sets guidelines for committee responsibility, organization and structure.

Read the full bylaw: Bylaw 1053-18- Historic Resources Committee

Bylaw 1065-18 Public Notification Bylaw

Council passed first reading of the Public Notification Bylaw, which will allow town administration to meet provincially mandated public advertising requirements through electronic means (Facebook and town website). In the past, the municipalities were required to post public notices in local newspapers, but now have the option to post electronically to meet provincial advertising requirements bylaws, public hearings, meetings and resolutions.

Read the full bylaw: Bylaw 1065-18- Public Notification Bylaw

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