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Mosquito Control

Date Posted: Apr 26, 2018

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Mosquito Control

The Town of Raymond will again be conducting a program over the next few months, to reduce the number of the mosquito species that are a nuisance and those that have been found to be the primary vector for transmitting the West Nile virus.  

The program will involve the identification of standing water bodies where mosquito larvae develop within the jurisdictional limits of the Town of Raymond and a surrounding area of 2 to 5 kilometres, where landowner’s permission has been obtained. It will involve the control of mosquito larvae and will operate from May to September, the period when the mosquito species build up and those that have the potential to spread the virus.  Where mosquito habitat is identified, options to prevent larvae development will be identified and considered. An application of federally approved larvicides will be used to control the mosquito larvae.

Along with the larvacide program, we will also be targeting the adult mosquitoes that will develop over the summer. This method involves spraying federally approved adulticides in order to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes.  The days that we will be applying these adulticides in the Town of Raymond will be determined on as needed basis. This program will be dependent on mosquito population, operator’s availability, and of course, weather.  This program will begin the last week of June and run through August.  We will be monitoring the mosquito activity for this upcoming summer and may have to start our adulticiding program early to help control the mosquito population.    

The public is cautioned to continue using personal protective measures against mosquitoes to reduce the risk of contracting the West Nile virus infection.  This includes use of insect repellents with the active ingredient DEET, avoiding mosquitoes at peak biting times, and wearing protective clothing.

If you have any questions regarding this mosquito control program, please call the Raymond Town Office at 403-752-3322.

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