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South Drainage Project Update

Date Posted: Aug 15, 2018

South Drainage Capital Project Update:

In 2014 the Town submitted a grant application to the Alberta Community Resilience Grant Program offered through Alberta Environment and Parks. In 2016 the town received grant funding of $1,473,300 from the Province and another $545,343 from the Federal Government through the New Building Canada Fund. The Town contributed $162,892 for a total project budget of $2,39,075.

With this funding, a 1.6km ditch/berm was constructed along the southern edge of Town to collect and redivert 271 hectares of overland stormwater that flows into Raymond from the County of Warner. This water will flow into Corner Lake and will then be diverted along the Raymond Irrigation Districts canal network or down through the golf course. As a result of this increased water volume, the existing creek was enhanced (depth/width) and 5 new ponds were developed to expand our overall capacity to retain and assist stormwater flows during periods of heavy rainfall/overland flooding.

As a result of this infrastructure, the Town's existing stormwater infrastructure will be in considerably less risk of being overwhelmed during the next rainfall event.


If you have any further questions, please contact Kurtis Pratt, Legislative Services Director at your convenience at 403-752-3322 or


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