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Solar Energy Update: Phase 2

Date Posted: Aug 08, 2018

Municipal Solar Project Update:

In 2017, Council entered into an agreement with Enmax Energy for Phase 1 of our Municipal Solar Program. Phase 1 consists of installing solar on the Ice Arena, VSP Fitness, Aquatic Centre, Golf Course, Town Shop and Fire Hall. Work is almost complete on Phase 1 and some of the sites have been online since the end of June.

On Tuesday, August 7th, 2018, Council approved Phase 2 of the Municipal Solar Program. Phase 2 will consist of installing solar at the new Town Office as well as a "Solar Carport" down the middle of the Victoria Sports Park (VSP) parking lot. The addition of these two installations will make Raymond either the 1st or at least one of the first Town's within North America to be electrically net-zero. That means that we produce at least as much if not more electricity than we consume in a given year.

As the cost of electricity inevitably continues to increase over the coming years, the installation of solar will allow us to limit our exposure to external market factors such as carbon taxes and plant closures etc. As we retrofit our facilities with LED fixtures and reduce our consumption, we will increase the volume of power we can export and sell to the grid. Once the lease payments are completed, we anticipate to create an additional new revenue source that will further offset our transmission and distribution and gas expenses.

Total cost for both Phase 1 and 2 is just over $2,100,000 and will be paid over 15 years. The Town received approximately $475,000 in provincial funding and will finance the rest. We anticipate close to no additional expenses to the Town as our reduced consumption expenses should offset our lease payments.

In 2017, the Town spent $240,598 on power which consists of our energy consumption and the transmission and distribution expenses. Our lease payments will be around $145,000 to Enmax annually and we expect our consumption to be reduced by approximately that amount, making this investment a cash neutral opportunity for the Town.

If you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Kurtis Pratt, Legislative Services Director at 403-752-3322 or

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