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2018 Census Report

Date Posted: Feb 07, 2019

Council has approved the 2018 Census Report. 

The Municipal Census Program

The Municipal Census Program is coordinated by the Town of Raymond. The Town is responsible for hiring census takers, overseeing the enumeration and for tabulating, analyzing, and publishing the results. In addition to providing valuable information for the Town, the program also helps various provincial government departments and local authorities and agencies plan the services they provide to the residents of Raymond. Please contact Legislative Services at (403)-752-3322 for any additional information you may need.

Notice to Users

This document presents a summary of the municipal census data using standard tables and includes information from the 2018 census conducted between May 1 and June 15, 2018.

Method of Gathering Information

The Municipal Census was available online for the second year in 2018. Census takers received a notice with their utility bill providing them with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) unique to each address, and residents were invited to complete the census online. 506 out of a total of 1357 census’ were completed online which accounts for 39% when vacant houses are considered.

After the initial two-week response, five (5) enumerators gathered information from those who had not yet completed the census.

Enumerating was complete by June 30, 2018.

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