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Walking Trail Capital Project Update

Date Posted: Aug 01, 2018

Walking Trail Capital Project Update:
In 2018, Council identified the expansion of the walking path network as their number 1 capital priority during their 4 year term. They have set aside $175,000 this year to begin the redevelopment and expansion of our walking trail system. More funding has been earmarked for this project in the coming years.
Initially, Administration was directed to focus on the section of Highway 52 from StoneGate to the hospital as the first priority. This work has been underway since 2016, however to date, we have not received final approval from AB Transportation.
Recently Council has directed Administration to re-focus their efforts and to reallocate the funding to pave and repave the existing 1.7km trail and expand the width to 6ft. We are working hard to complete this paving by the end of the 2018 construction season.
The Town has plans for a 10km loop around Raymond that we will be working to develop, along with enhancing the irrigation, landscaping, trailhead parks and other amenities along the path system over the coming years.

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