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As we get ready for a busy shopping holiday season, our economic development department would like to share with you the importance of #supportinglocal and #SkiptheTrip.

COVID-19 has impacted us all. While some businesses can stand up against challenges faced with the economic impact this pandemic has presented, some of our businesses are struggling. Many of our business owners have invested their entire livelihood’s into our community because they are excited to offer a product or service to their neighbors, friends and family. They are a passionate group of people that are eager to support Raymond.

We have met with many business owners to gauge how they are managing in this crisis. Statistics have shown that in times of major crisis (recession) 1 in 4 businesses cannot recover and eventually closed doors for good. Can you imagine the impact that would have to Raymond? Our business core is small but mighty. However they need you now, more than ever, to shop local.  We need our businesses as well.  Our businesses such strong supporters of so many needs our community has.

So, before you drive to the city, or checkout your shopping cart on-line, take a moment to call or message any one of our businesses. You may find them very accommodating to help you with your wish list. We have found that many businesses will be able to bring in products you may want or need. Give them a try before you buy!

ATTACHED is some information we posted last year. What a great reminder about the importance #SkiptheTrip has for Raymond. Everyone benefits when we #supportlocal.